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Berkeley County Roundhouse Authority FAQs

What is the Berkeley County Roundhouse Authority (BCRA)? 

A tax-exempt, public corporation created by Act of the Legislature in 1999

Does the Berkeley County Roundhouse Authority own property? 

Yes. BCRA owns the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Martinsburg Shops, a 12.94-acre, historic industrial site at 100 East Liberty Street in, Martinsburg. The property was conveyed to the Berkeley County Roundhouse Authority on May 1, 2000 by the Berkeley County Commission, which acquired the property from CSX Transportation, Inc. in 1999. 

How do I get to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Martinsburg Shops? Motorists can access the property by traveling to the entrance at 100 East Liberty Street. Pedestrian access from Downtown Martinsburg is available via pedestrian bridge at 229 East Martin Street (Caperton Train Station). 

What is the mission of the BCRA? The Berkeley County Roundhouse Authority is charged preservation and redevelopment of the Martinsburg Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Shops, West Virginia's 16th National Historic Landmark (2003).  


Who controls the Roundhouse Authority?

Similar to the Eastern Panhandle Transit Authority, Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport Authority and Berkeley County Development Authority, the Berkeley County Roundhouse Authority is managed by a volunteer, appointed Board of Directors. 


Who is eligible to serve on the Berkeley County Roundhouse Authority board? Residents of both Berkeley County and City of Martinsburg are eligible to be appointed to serve on the board by the governing bodies of county and city government. 


How many people may serve on the Board of Directors? 

Between 5 and 21 individuals can serve on the board of directors, according to state law. 


When does the Roundhouse Authority board hold meetings, can I attend? All meetings of the board of directors are open to the public. Regular meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM, unless otherwise posted.

Meeting Agendas are posted online here.

How long are appointments to the Board? Members are appointed to 3-year terms. Board officers are elected to one-year terms in December.

Current members of the BCRA board? 

Chair: Matt Umstead

Vice-Chair: Mike Hite

Treasurer: Halima Wanamaker

Secretary: Elaine Mauck

Board Members: Cathy Funk Amores, Justin Bird, H.D. Boyd, Timothy Johnson, Daniel Kelly, Clarence E. Martin III, Dena Morgan, James Rickard, Jennifer Smith

Berkeley County Council Liaison: H.D. Boyd

Martinsburg City Council Liaison: Vacant



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